Guideline: Sexually Transmitted Infections: Management Guidelines 2015 » Pubic Lice (PL)



Infestation of lice mostly confined to pubic and peri-anal areas, and occasionally involves eyelashes.

The bites cause intense itching, which often results in scratching with bacterial super-infection.



General Measures


Thoroughly wash clothing and bed linen that may have been contaminated by the patient in the 2 days prior to the start of treatment in hot water and then iron.


Medicine Treatment


  • Benzyl benzoate 25%
    • Apply to affected area.
    • Leave on for 24 hours, then wash thoroughly.
    • Repeat in 7 days.


Pediculosis of the Eyelashes or Eyebrows


  • Petroleum jelly.
    • Apply to the eyelid margins (cover the eyelashes) daily for 10 days to smother lice and nits 
    • Do not apply to eyes.





All children with lice on pubic, perianal area and eyelashes to exclude sexual abuse.