Guideline: Sexually Transmitted Infections: Management Guidelines 2015 » Genital Warts (GW): Condylomata Accuminata



The clinical signs include:

  • Warts on the ano-genital areas, vagina, cervix, meatus or urethra.
    • Warts can be soft or hard.

In most cases, warts resolve without treatment after 2 years in non- immunosuppressed patients.



General Measures


  • If warts do not look typical or are fleshy or wet, perform an RPR/VDRL test to exclude secondary syphilis, which may present with similar lesions.
  • Emphasise HIV testing.





All patients with:

  • Warts > 10 mm
  • Inaccessible warts, e .g . intra-vaginal or cervical warts
  • Numerous warts